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221 Madison St
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Our Green Lake Office serves as our mailing address and the designated location for sending payments. While you are welcome to mail to the Beaver Dam office, please note that we only check the mail there once a week, compared to daily in Green Lake. We maintain offices in Beaver Dam and Green Lake for our operational convenience, primarily serving as hubs for our employees. Although most of our work occurs strategically in the community, at schools, and various locations, these offices also serve as convenient parking hubs for our cars, covering our various areas.

745 South Street, Suite 3A
Green Lake, WI 54941

PHONE 920-887-7727 (Text message is ok)


Please note that we do not maintain regular office hours as our instructors are often driving students or conducting classes at various schools. If you need to meet with us, please contact us to schedule an appointment at either office.

Please email us with any questions and to sign up for classroom.

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