Class Info & Fees

We offer both classroom and Behind-the-wheel instruction


Introducing our blended course – the perfect blend of in-person and online learning! With this course, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: 4 days of in-person classes, providing a classroom experience, and the flexibility to complete the rest of the course online at your own pace. Ideal for busy students seeking a balanced learning approach.

If you prefer a fully online experience, our complete online classes are available for enrollment at any time. This option allows you to complete the entire course from the comfort of your home, following your schedule.

Our in-person classes take place at Bestway Driving Academy and select area high schools. If you don’t see your high school listed, no problem – our classes are open to all students, regardless of their school affiliation.

For behind-the-wheel lessons, we customize the schedule to fit each individual’s availability using our online scheduling program, Schedule2drive. If the student is under 18 years old, completion of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 6 hours of observation is required.


As we explore our course options, let’s embark on a journey of contemplation, considering the pathways that align with your learning preferences and goals:

Standard Package (Most Popular) – $449.00: Embark on a comprehensive journey that encompasses both classroom and behind-the-wheel experiences. This package includes 30 hours of flexible classroom instruction (available in class, Hybrid, or online), 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and 6 hours of in-car observation.

Classroom Only Instruction – $149.00: Dive into the realms of knowledge with 30 hours of classroom instruction, available in Hybrid, or online. This option equips you with the necessary forms to pursue behind-the-wheel training at another school, preparing you for the next stages of your driving journey.

Behind-the-Wheel Only Instruction – $349.00: For those ready to hit the road, this option offers 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 6 hours of in-car observation. Prior completion of classroom instruction from another driving school is required before obtaining your driving permit.

Private Tutoring – $35.00/hour: Indulge in personalized guidance with one-on-one instruction for an hour. This session focuses on preparing you for the signs and knowledge tests, vital steps towards securing your driving permit.

Private Behind-the-Wheel Lessons – $75.00/hour: Navigate the roads with individualized attention during an hour-long behind-the-wheel session, ensuring a focused and tailored learning experience.

Failure to Yield the Right of Way Course – $100.00: Engage in a two-hour session, either in person or online, dedicated to understanding and satisfying state requirements related to yielding the right of way.

Online Temps Test Prep – $55.00: Prepare thoroughly for your written temps test with our online program, emphasizing a strategic approach to success.

These options beckon reflection, inviting you to consider the educational voyage that resonates most profoundly with your aspirations.

Failure to Yield the Right of Way Course

Received a notice from the DMV prompting you to complete the Failure to Yield Right of Way course? Bestway Driving Academy is here to assist you through two convenient options: in-person and online classes.

In-Person Classes: Join us for engaging sessions held at various dates and times, with offices located in both Beaver Dam and Green Lake. Choose a schedule that aligns with your convenience and embark on a comprehensive learning experience.

Online Class: Prefer flexibility? Opt for our online class by clicking here, eliminating the need to sit in a 2-hour class at the Bestway Office. This convenient alternative allows you to fulfill state requirements at your own pace.

Course Details: This two-hour course is tailored to meet state requirements for individuals who have received a notice mandating completion of the Failure to Yield Course. Whether in-person or online, we’re here to make this educational journey accessible and accommodating for you.


At Bestway Driving Academy, we provide you with multiple payment options. We accept credit cards, cash, and checks, ensuring flexibility for your convenience. Choose the method that suits you best as you embark on your journey with us.